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Interior Alaska Bus Line

Hear ye, Hear ye!
Free Rides to all brave men and women who have served!
Tell all the returning heroes you know!

(http://www.interioralaskabusline.com/products.html) *prices for non-vets

“the free ride is for Vets to get to the VA or Anchorage Social Security office/ Immigration office etc.
They will also transport a ‘medical chaperone’ {spouse} etc.
Van runs M, W, F. It’s a 12 hr trip. Two night stay.. then 12 hrs back.”
VA Poster Proof

Independent Travel Trainer!

Hey folks,

Ever wonder where the closest bus stop to your job is? Want to visit some friends across city but you don’t want to chip in on gas money? Hungry and you’ve go to decided between paying for gas or food?


We might be able to help.




 Free for anyone who wants to learn!